August 29

The Catholics Next Door



Greetings, folks. Welcome to A wee bit pretentious name for a website, eh? Well, the alternative was and that just didn’t sound right.

You may be here because of our daily talk show, The Catholics Next Door with Greg and Jennifer Willits (thus, the address of this website) or perhaps from our non-profit apostolate, Rosary Army.

In case you didn’t know, you can listen to us live Monday through Friday from 10AM to 1PM EST on Sirius Channel 159 – The Catholic Channel!

We also produce and host the weekly Rosary Army Catholic Podcast and are the creators of the popular That Catholic Show video series. We’re willing to bet you might enjoy those, as well.

Either way, we’re glad you’re here!

About the author 


Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Welcome to the Catholic Channel! Delighted to have you both and can’t wait to listen!

    Congrats on being prego…I’m a mom myself…and first born of 7 siblings…God Blesses the parents of a large family…lol!

    Take care!

  • Wow! I was so excited that you stopped by at my Blog… I think I was as excited as I was the time I shook Fonzie’s hand at a 1994 Presidential Campaign stop! I’m still curious how you found me, but glad you stopped by…

    My husband & I have been dedicated Rosary Army listeners for almost a year now and have talked about your professionalism more than once… This is such a natural next step for you guys! We’re so excited about your new opportunity to spread the good news and to show the world that there are vibrant, faithful, & “current” Catholic families out there!

    Now that you guys are insiders, can you give us a hint about when we can expect to pick up the Catholic Channel on XM? I promise, I won’t tell anyone… It’ll be just between us ;)!

    Good luck & God Bless!

  • Hey Elaine!

    Wow. Don’t think I’ve ever been compared to Henry Winkler before!

    Thanks a ton for being a loyal RA listener. Rumor has it that next month you’ll be able to start hearing Sirius channels. I’m hoping The Catholic Channel will be one of the first to transition over.

  • I guess I’m the first here. Via episode #241’s contest, “I WANNA BE A ROSARY MAKER”!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! Thanks guys!


  • finally getting a chance to catch the show this morning…

    great to hear you guys in this kind of format

    family camping is wonderful – i’d suggest making it a short (one night) outing the first time to see if it works at all for you

    also, it pays to set up your gear once at home to make sure all goes smoothly – waterproof the seams on your tent, etc.

    in fact, maybe you could set up camp in your yard and sleep out there once as a dry run?

    on another subject, the rosary/gang affiliation is absurd, but it doesn’t surprise me in this day and age

    how about the star of david (which is also a well-known gang symbol of longstanding)?

    would a jewish student be allowed to wear one?

    there ought to be some common sense – but i suppose that’s too much to hope for

    keep up the great work!

  • Ive been a Rosary Army fan for quite some time. And listen to your podcasts regularly and thanks to you, pray my rosary regularly.I am so happy for the blessings and opportunities that GOD has placed in your lives at this time.And kudos to you for rising to the occassion and walking in your faith.Id like to thank you as well for helping me embrace my faith.I live in an area in PA where there are not many Catholics or Catholic churches, but thanks to you have been able to renew and stay close to my faith.
    Lastly, Ive been a XM subscriber for a few years now and Im so glad that I will ( hopefully ) be able to listen to your new show soon . Im hoping that the show times will be different so I can listen to you on the way to work or at least on the drive home.God Bless the Willets Family, especially Baby girl Willet 🙂

  • On today’s show, preparation for the Sunday Mass, the writings of David in this case, referred to by Peter in the Acts is Psalm 16. His quote is in the body of the Psalm which is in the next reading. In this case it is not from Samuel.

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