March 11

Tummy Time



It’s  been a few days since I posted some random Lily pics.

During our last doctor’s appointment for her, the doctor recommended that we give her daily “Tummy Time” where she has to lay on her stomach, even if she doesn’t want to, just to help her get stronger all around.

Have to say, this girl is already pretty strong and doesn’t a good job pushing herself up.

Overall, Lily still spends a lot of time sleeping more than anything, but she’s also starting to be a lot more alert.

I’ve been enjoying taking her for walks up and down the street and just ambling through the yard.  She very much seems to enjoy whenever we take her outside.

The boys have transitioned to her with no problems, and even Jody (as evidenced by the photo below) finds her very intriguing.

This picture is from Lily’s first visit to Kaiteur.  Moose is on the left and our friend Patrick is on the right.  Lily is that little pink thing in the lower left corner.  You can’t really see her in this, but I still thought it was a funny picture.

While all the brothers love Lily, Tommy probably spends the most time trying to love on her.

More than anything, though, this girl is one good snuggler.

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  • Ooo, she has chubby cheeks, just like my Meredith did (Meredith’s now 20 and skinny!). Sooo cute! What a wonderful blessing for your family.

  • Tummy Time is wonderful for babies and very important!!
    How old is Lily now, just a month right? How long is she lasting for Tummy Time?? She’s looking good in those pictures!!

    Thanks for sharing : )

  • I remember having to do the “tummy time” thing with my (now 5 year-old)little girl. Lily is such a cutie!

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