Title Track From the Debut Album

After a roaring debut on today’s edition of The Catholics Next Door, the brand new band Venezuelan Ministry of Defense has recorded two different versions of their title song from their new CD, And Wealthy And Dead.

We hope you enjoy them.

If you do a cover for YOUR band name, here are the rules:

  1. You must mention the name of your CD in the song
  2. You must use the secret words of either antelope or cantelope
  3. There must be some sort of Catholic message in your song.

If you record one, send it to us at willits@thecatholicchannel.org and we’ll play your tune on the air!

Posted by Greg
November 17, 2008
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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

  • Estefania says:

    As one of your RA´s listeners (and a Venezuelan myself) I can´t help but wonder.. Who are the “Venezuelan Ministry of Defense”? An indie music group?

    Hehehehe.. it was a bit weird reading about it 😉

  • Leisa from Minnesooota says:

    What? No harmonica riff?

    I’ll wait for the remix.


  • Just for kicks, I went ahead and created a title song. It’s on my blog page, at:

    http://web.mac.com/jaimemcgrath – under the Student Like Teacher Blog page

    It’s absolutely ridiculous, yet not silly. Maybe it would have been better silly. Oh, well. It was fun to make. Thanks for the idea!

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