October 11

Waiting for Batman



It’s been a busy day for us.

This morning the Archdiocese held its annual Rosary Rally and Jennifer and I had been invited to lead the first decade or praying the Rosary in English.  Other decades were recited in French, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

It was a pretty neat event and both Archbishop Gregory and Archbishop Emeritus Donahue were there.

Afterward we snuck away and took the boys to a local mall where reports were saying that Batman had been sighted in the vicinity!

Tommy, our 4-year-old superhero freak, was particularly excited about this.

Ben, however, wanted to have nothing to do with the Dark Knight.  He wouldn’t even look at Batman.

Can’t say I blame the kid, even though I have to say we were totally impressed by the dude in the Bat-suit.  He was so incredibly good with the kids.  I’d say he was having a 99% success rate connecting with the kids, and when I took the other three boys up on the stage to meet him, and Ben stayed behind with Jennifer as she took pictures, Batman noticed Ben and went to the edge of the stage to try to connect with him.

Alas, Ben went fetal.

But still, kudos to the dude in the Bat-suit.  He’d make Gotham proud.

Below is a picture of us with Batman.  It was pretty cool when I was shaking Batman’s hand to hear him tell my boys, “Your dad’s a big guy.”

I intimidated Batman!  All is right with the world.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Poor Ben!! 🙁 Not exactly the “kid friendly, Superfriends, or t.v. sitcom of the sixties” type of Batman. Hmmm, I wonder if Batman III, as discussed on one of the latest Daily Breakfast’s, will include the introduction of a sidekick?? Maybe Ben can try out for the part!?! 😉



  • Evidently real-life Batman has never seen cartoon-life Greg, who dwarfs even the mightiest of super-heroes. And that’s not even counting his alter-ego, Captain Catechism!

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