Walk in the Park

Today we decided to head to the park and walk around a bit. We only did about a mile, but with 4 boys, a dog, a pregnant woman, a priest, and a guy who needs to start running again, a mile was pretty good for us!

Afterward, the boys (and Father Roderick) got some time in on the playground. Here are some photos from the quick outing.

A boy and his dog:

Sam looking adventurous:

A current and possibly future priest(s)?

Ohhhhh…telephone polls. Let’s walk on ’em!

And once again, Father Littlekid couldn’t help himself:

A very statue-esque rock on which all the boys had to pose. First Sam:

Then Tommy:

Then Walt (actually, it was his idea):

Then Ben:

The pregnant lady in red:

After the walk, a new goal – Priest on a Slide:

The priest goes for it.

The children taunted him, but he made it! Woo hoo! And now, sadly, it’s time to take Father Roderick back to the airport. It was a fast, but very fun, visit.

Posted by Greg
November 28, 2008
  • Jim says:

    Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! So glad you could all get together and share some great time with each other!

  • Mary Soukup says:

    I hope you all had a great time. I also know that Fr will remember this time for his whole life. Jennifer looks really good and the boys look good for just getting out of being sick.

  • So, did Fr. R see those pics? Those are priceless. I know he enjoyed himself thoroughly this week. I’m sure it was much needed fellowship for you all.

  • Maria says:

    Leave it to Father Roderick to go UP the slide.

    What a handsome crew!

  • Laura says:

    Speaking of future priests… have you seen/ heard about a Mass Kit toy set? http://www.weebelievers.com/products.html

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