October 27

Why we need to be recycling.



These are all of our show notes that have been printed since we started broadcasting on The Catholic Channel on September 3rd. That’s a whole lotta paper.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Maybe you could leave them on the computer monitor (positioned where you both could see it) and not print them? I don’t know what you have in your studio for equipment, so it’s just an idea.

  • Greg/Jennifer

    Kindle maybe? EZPC in tablet mode?

    Or as a partial step – use recycled paper 🙂



  • Ah, I wish those were possibilities. Unfortunately, paper based is really the only way we could pull off a 3-hour show. We’re constantly re-shuffling segments at the last minute (literally, sometimes with only 30 seconds to go before beginning a segment) and on computer, we’d surely get lost.

    Plus, Jennifer and I are constantly scribbling extra notes as we go along. But we are committed to recycling all those notes. Once that stack hits the top of the shelf, they’ll be shredded and recycled for sure.

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