Web Site Story: This Pretty Much Sums Up The Internet

Hat-tip to my college buddy Bill for posting this on Facebook. Very funny video. FYI – Be weary of some of the other videos on the site this video comes from (they appear as “recommended” at the end of this video). Skip the others, but this one really made us laugh.

Posted by Greg
July 1, 2009
  • Denyse says:

    Ha ha ha. Almost sprayed the screen with coffee. Loved it!

  • Jennifer says:


  • Maria says:

    Why is my life on a college humor video?

    I need to read a book….

  • Amy Caroline says:

    Oh now that was funny!!!

  • Carol says:

    The E-Harmony bit could have been hilarious had it not really been “preach”y.

  • Jon says:

    Too Funny! Had all this been around 14-15 years ago, its kind of how I would have pictured your romance. “Jennifer! I Just met a girl named Jennifer!”

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