May 24

Whack the Dog



Poor Jody.

Friday afternoon she was outside in the backyard playing with the boys.

They were running and frolicking, having the best of times.

There were tennis balls being bantered, and our dog Jody was having tremendous fun.

At one point, Sam took a plastic baseball bat and swung it at a ball.

Unfortunately, the boys have never quite grasped the lesson of looking around to make sure no one is around before swinging.

Jody, seeing a ball, took the full swing of the baseball bat right in the eye.

From our back yard we heard horrible blood-curdling screams coming from our children.

Jody’s right eye was swollen shut and appeared to be bleeding.

What was weird was she kept wagging her tail happily because she was getting so much attention.

Fortunately, several days later, Jody is doing fine and just this morning she is able to open up both of her eyes again.

But over the weekend, the boys were very generous with sharing their blankets and stuffed animals with her and I think she secretly enjoyed the extra attention.

Below are some other photos of Jody’s injury.  But again, she’s doing great now.

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  • Poor Jody!! What a beautiful, sweet face….BOTH Sam and Jody!! Glad all is going OK now with both of them….

  • That is how Yoko went blind in one eye. Only it was a metal pipe instead of a plastic baseball bat. It only slowed her down for a few days and then she figured out how to compensate for the lack of depth perseption

  • Robin – Actually, that’s Tommy in the pics 🙂

    Lou – Coincidentally, I’d just recently told the boys that story, and because it was fresh on their minds, I think that made the torment even worse. They all immediately thought that Jody was going to be blind forever because that’s what happened to Yoko.

  • It’s a Australian Kelpie isn’t it!? 🙂
    But awwww.. give Jody a hugg from me!

  • Thank God she’s allright. I’ve always had labs; currently we have a 9 yo chocolate. They are truly angels sent from Heaven!

  • I thought the boy in the picture was too young to be Sam. We have a black lab. unfortunately no kids to play with it.

  • I am dismayed that Jody wasn’t taken to the vet to insure that the injury was taken care of and limiting the damage to the eye. It might have worked out without any attention, but the end of the story could have ended much differently. I am a firm believer in professional veterinary care for accidents, illnesses, and preventive care. It is an exspense, but a pet depends on its owners not only for love but also care.

  • Likewise here, “Poor Jody!” We don’t have any pets, but my daughter, Alanna, LOVES dogs! Glad to hear that the outcome wasn’t as bad as initially thought.

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