April 13

What to Expect at an Easter Vigil?



Listener Camille asks:

I listen to your show often and really enjoy it.  My question isn’t really about your show but it’s a catholic question.  I was raised southern baptist but when I was in college I got exposed to the Catholic faith by accident.  That was 15 years ago.  During this time I have been thinking, praying, and researching.  To make a long story short, I am converting and will be confirmed at the Easter Vigil this year.  What should I expect during this mass? Thanks for your help and for your wonderful radio program.

This is a great question!  If you’re a convert, or just someone who loves the Easter Vigil, what should Camille and other converts expect?  What makes the Easter Vigil Liturgy special for you?

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  • I tell our Elect to not expect and simply experience the beauty that is the Great Vigil of Easter. Godparents take care of guiding them where they need to be and when but not knowing every little detail helps the Elect enter into the prayer of the community, the telling of the stories of our salvation and the acceptance of the graces they are about to receive in the Initiation Sacraments. Basically — let go and let God!

  • On “The Catholic Family” podcast, the Sweeney’s have an awesome podcast series on the Triduum. The podcast episodes are from March 19, 2008 thru March 26, 2008. Should be episode#’s 81 thru 84. I like to listen to this during holy week. Great way to get prepared for the masses coming up.
    (Episode 84 may not be about Triduum/Easter?)

    You can get those episodes from their website here:

    I “much prefer” to listen to the episodes from 2008,
    Episodes 81-84 (on their website), but also…

    Episodes on iTunes from 2009:
    Episode 109 makes mention of Stations of the Cross.
    Epsiode 110 Holy Thursday
    Episode 111 Good Friday
    Episode 112 Holy Saturday

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