February 18

What’s Going On With This Website?



TCND Partial LogoOk, I know it’s been a ridiculously long time since I posted ongoing items here on the site. But trust me, it’s not for lack of working on it!

Here’s the deal: We have more websites than I can count on one hand, and most of them relate to our Rosary Army apostolate. Since last October, I’ve been working with another development group to cleanly merge all of our sites together in a way that makes sense, is still helpful, and hopefully still fun. Merging that many sites while hosting a radio show, running a non-profit, being married, and having 5 kids is kind of tough, apparently.

But we’re making progress.

In fact, 90% of the coding is done on the site and right now I’m just working on a lot of graphics and getting the content set up.

Though “The Catholics Next Door” is not technically a Rosary Army ministry, because Jennifer and I both host that show and run Rosary Army, we decided that we will incorporate this site into the new one. So when you go to RosaryArmy.com, you’ll also have immediate access to The Catholics Next Door and our other ministries.

My thinking was that it wasn’t going to take so long for this to happen, but as it is I’m running about two months behind schedule. Thinking I was going to be ready to launch the new site at the beginning of January, I decided to hold off on adding any new entries to the website since I’d have to turn right around and figure out how to get those new entries over to the new site.

Basically, I’m doing a lousy job creating a new site while also keeping the old one updated. So now all of our websites look outdated. Go figure.

But as I said, the good news is that the new site is on the way soon. I’m working on it nearly every day and if things go well, we should be rolling it out sometime in March. Hopefully.

Stay tuned.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Greg, I’m thinking your Lenten promise to stay off Facebook will enable you to complete this project sooner than later. See you’re already reaping the blessings of your decision. Keep up the great work! Your friend in Christ, Mike – West Sacramento

  • I hear ya! I was transferring my site *finally* to my own hosted site, transferred all posts and then…life, baby, family *sigh*. I had to go back to posting on my old site and ended up having to re install wp…blah blah blah…who knows when I’ll be done.

    Go Greg! You can do it! πŸ˜€

  • Greg, I was just looking at all the website you have and thinking the same thing….How could you possibly keep all that activity going. So I am glad to hear you are combining them down to one with all the needed content. I look forward to the result.

  • I am not a Catholic, but i love your show, and am going to buy a bunch of twine and crosses to make for folks and hand them out at the local nursing home. Thanks for the laughs and the information about your faith πŸ™‚

  • Greg and Jennifer:
    Because of your show, I find myself returning to the Catholic Faith. I read
    a great deal of Faith based material and am a big fan of Malachi Martin’s books.
    I am conflicted with my Faith as I know the corruption in the Vatican is so
    profound. As you know Malachi Martin was a former Jesuit priest on track to
    become a cardinal. Due to the changes of Vatican II, he asked the pope
    to be released from his vows of poverty and obedience. He then moved to
    New York and took up residence with a wealthy family as their personal priest.
    Malachi continued to say daily Mass and perform exorcisms. My question
    is when faced with the knowledge that evil and corruption has exploded
    within Vatican walls from the 1960’s onward, can you remain strong in the Faith?
    Please know I have no intention of sounding negative, just conflicted as I long
    for the Church my mother and grandparents belonged to in years past.
    Thanks for your show. I listen daily on my long drive to work.

  • Hi Neighbors! [The Catholics Next Door] The single best way to get your kids to behave at Mass: Take them every week starting when they’re born, with NO wiggle room for indecision.
    Set the right example as to how to be reverent at Mass and they’ll get it. [I would NEVER even turn to hear them whisper to me during the consecration].
    Also, discuss after Mass proper and improper behaviors that they saw. I have seven children and yes, hubby and I struggled when they were young. But now my kids, ages 8-18, are no trouble at all [at least during Mass!] and I am sure it is due to our no-nonsense approach. Nothing else we do gets that degree of reverence. Now my kids are great examples to others.
    Sometimes it’s hard to think of the future, but every week’s Mass is an investment in your children. Remember too, when you take them every week they learn how to participate in prayers and song and see you do the same, they are not bored. Don’t forget praise or special breakfast or other reward for reverent behavior. BEst Regards…

  • I am a listener of your show mainly and some of the others. I hear you talk about the Catechism the book, I would like to buy the most recent one that is out there. Can I buy from you or the show. thank you and keep up the good work. God Speed KAmelio Collevechio

  • Have been listening to your show for a year now and love it. You and your lovely wife make raising a family more normal then the average families these days. By the way I am Catholic, Catholic school, grade, high school, three grown children with families of their own. Yes I am an Old Lady and I love it. Please keep up the good work on the show and I will buy your book. God Bless!!

  • I happened to tune into a show already in progress..I think it was a rerun of Memorial Day weekend. You were talking about gluten free bread and Jennifer mentioned making gluten free challah that was delicious. My son and grandson are gluten intolerant…any chance I can get that recipe, please?

    I tuned into the Catholic Channel one day out of total desperation…sick of everything else on radio…and honestly, how much opera can one listen to…anyway, what a delightful surprise to happen on to your show. I’m now an almost exclusive Catholic Channel listener; I feel like you two are a couple of friends who share your wonderful life with us. I am Catholic and love being Catholic…BTY, Jennifer..kudos to you for putting up with an outhouse while camping; I’ve walked a mile not to use an outhouse!

  • Well… You’ve finally made it to the big time Greg and Jennifer…

    No one seems to want to contribute to Rosary Army’s website and this one, well, you’ve just let it go.

    Now that you are on satellite radio I guess it no longer matters.

  • @Elmo – Not sure why the snarkiness, but we’re still working on new websites both for here, as well as Rosary Army. True, it is taking us much longer than expected, but we are also operating on 50% of the funds we needed for this year. To say it no longer matters is unfair, as we’re doing a considerable amount of work to make this happen. I’m sorry that in between raising our children and handling the more important work of Rosary Army, that we’re not able to get the websites completed as quickly as you’d like.

  • Greg-

    If Elmo’s comment bothers you, just re-read the 9 above it that praise your efforts. Don’t let one sourpuss ruin your day!

    Keep up the great work!!!
    -Debi, an old Podcast listener since the beginning…

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