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young-at-heartWe watched this movie on Saturday night and it brought both Jennifer and me to tears a couple of times. Need to loan it to both sets of our parents before we return it.

Great, great movie. Made me respect senior citizens even more, especially ones who sing Talking Heads tunes.

Here is a snippet of the review from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:
Often funny and ultimately moving documentary about a Northampton, Mass., senior citizens’ chorus whose repertoire includes rock, R&B and punk selections as they rehearse over a two-month period for a hometown concert and cope with the death of one member and the ill health of others. Director-narrator Stephen Walker’s film quickly engages viewers by introducing a winning array of real-life characters and charting their struggles to master the music and carry on with the show. Frank sexual discussion, innuendo, occasional crass language; possibly acceptable for older teens. A-III — adults. (PG) (R) 2008

Here’s the trailer:

And here’s a clip of the part that hit us the hardest, of Young@Heart singing a song from Coldplay:

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  • Read your review and decided to give it a try. My husband and I watched it last night and we both absolutely loved it! He keeps replaying the “Staying Alive” segment. Thanks for the great movie suggestion.

  • A friend invited me to this movie. After we got into our seats, she looked at me kind of weird and told me it was a documentary. I had no idea what to expect. I, like you, were in tears a couple of times, but laughed most of the time. It is a heartwarming documentary that still makes me smile when I remember some of those scenes.

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