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Nine Layer Hell Cake

Greg's New Podcast Name Reveal

Our co-producers found out the name of Greg's upcoming new podcast last week, but on this episode we spill the beans and let you know the name, too!

Another Hiccup

After talking about Lily's assessment for a hybrid homeschool academy, it looks like we'll have to evaluate yet another path for the kids.  This has lead to Jennifer crying a lot while do taxes.

Holy Week Resources

The Stations of the Cross audio files we mentioned are the John Paul II version from Rosary Army and the St. Alphonsus Ligouri version from when Greg worked for the Archdiocese of Denver.

Posted by Greg
April 16, 2019

Spring Break Dreaming

Spring Break Has Sprung

Spring Break is upon us, the Barrons are in England, and Jennifer panics about what to do with the kids.  Her best intentions backfire, though, when the kids reject going somewhere Jennifer has dreamt about for years.

Have Courage

This springboards into a discussion of Joshua chapter 1 and how to be courageous in the midst of uncertainty and discernment.

Big Changes Coming

Lastly, we share some insight about big changes coming for our new and existing Patreon Co-Producers that will lead to more great content for you!

Posted by Greg
April 3, 2019

A Classical Catholic Education

In episode 271, "A Classical Catholic Education," we discuss what goes into a Catholic hybrid school and the differences between traditional homeschool, Catholic school, and public school.  

Next, we share the startling news about an unexpected health crisis for our dear friend, Fr. Timothy, who ended up in emergency surgery over the weekend.

This leads to an important discussion of the fact that we are not guaranteed second chances in life, and what we must do every day to ensure that we are living as God wants us to, and not as we think we should.  It's not that difficult to do when you say a single simple prayer each day and be willing to change into what God made you to be.

Lastly, Greg gives an update on the progress for his mental health book and hints at the chance for you to be involved very soon!

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March 27, 2019

Unexpected Encounters

How God Brings People Together

In this episode we talk about unexpected encounters, and how these can be seen as gifts from God that align us toward the happiness He intends for us.  We had three of these unexpected encounters this week, and we tell you all about them.

It's Hard to Trust

2019 Has been a state of perpetual trust, of reliance on divine providence, of believing God is doing something even in the midst of our extreme weaknesses.  

Posted by Greg
March 14, 2019

The Garden of IKEA

Apple Torments Podcasters

Over the last few weeks, Apple sent out several emails to confuse and torment podcasters.  Greg talks about attempting to figure out and keep up with Apple's new requirements (that apparently went into effect last year).

Of Cloffices and IKEA

We continue our journey of setting up Greg's new office in our closet (which will double as our recording studio), which necessitated another (longer) trip to IKEA to buy more stuff.

We Got New Bibles!

We talk about our brand new Bibles, what to look for in a good Bible, and why we think we made a pretty good choice with ours. 

Posted by Greg
March 6, 2019

The Accidental Party

Co-Producer Shout Out!

Huge thanks to Hannah for the kind housewarming Amazon gift card!  Also, major thanks to new and updated co-producers Pam, Jan, Kim and Cindy, Andrew, Jose, Dr. Elizabeth, Ruth, Yvonne, Angie, Sarah, and Mike!

Unexpected Oscars Party

We've started having Sunday dinners with our friends the Barrons from the Catholic in a Small Town podcast. This week we hosted for the first time and what was supposed to be a taco dinner turned into a late night Oscar watching party (even though none of us even planned on watching the Academy Awards).

Homeschool 360

After announcing our decision to homeschool our son Tommy after just 4 days of school in Georgia, Jennifer listed to the latest Matt Fradd podcast where he interviewed Steven Rummelsburg on why modern education is not fit for humans.  This one podcast pushed even more educational dominoes down in our house and Jennifer made a major life-changing decision that no one could have predicted.

Not Everything is Roses

Greg shares additional insight about his current health, including the near-daily difficulty of wrestling with nausea, exhaustion, and an extreme lack of motivation.  Despite all these roadblocks, he's pushing forward with new medication and taking daily steps.  But as we share, it ain't always easy.

Posted by Greg
February 27, 2019

Always Discerning

School Challenges and Questions

Over the years we've dealt with home school, public school, private school, and Catholic school.  Now that we've moved, we're facing new schooling challenges that we didn't expect.

Never Say Never

As with schooling our kids, we've learned the very hard lessons that come with stomping our feet and refusing to be open to what God might be trying to do in our lives.  With that in mind, we're reminded of the amazing things that can happen when we get out of our own way, even when we don't want to.

Another Trip to the ER

After eating some pistachios that he thought were green peppercorns, Walt ended up in the Emergency Room again last week with another severe allergic reaction.

Testing A New Book Idea

Greg is contemplating a new book idea about dealing with mental health issues.  If you've got feedback on this topic, send it to [email protected]

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Posted by Greg
February 19, 2019

Circling the Whirlpool

Something about Robin Williams

Greg gets Jamaica and Brazil mixed up in the worst of ways, and the worst of analogies.  It is, of course, quite humorous.

Broken Down

After the whirlwind of moving, we're finally in our new house in Georgia.  Unfortunately, the whirlwind stress is now a Whirlpool.  Well, more precisely, Whirlpool appliances are causing us stress.

Slowing Down

We talk about slowing down to appreciate the small moments and small gifts found in small unexpected things.

Posted by Greg
February 13, 2019

Click Click Click Click

Polar Vortexed

Rest in the midst of chaos was a true gift to us as we were housebound last week during a polar vortex.  This leads to a discussion about the value and necessity of rest.

Click Click Click Click

Our Indiana exodus was unexpectedly stalled on Saturday and we share what happened (and how Greg handled it).  An unexpected song parody burst forth during this conversation.

House Closings Are Purgatory

We finish the show in the last three hours before (God willing) closing on our new house in Georgia, and talk about some of the last vestiges of anxiety that we're experiencing, and how we're dealing with them.

Posted by Greg
February 6, 2019

Goodbye, Indiana

Last Show in an Empty House

Podcasting from an inflatable mattress, we share the unbelievable whirlwind of the last two weeks which has brought us to an empty house as we prepare to move away from Indiana and back to Georgia later this week.  

Apology Proxies

We discuss how often people never receive much needed apologies from people who have wounded us, and how beneficial it can be to receive an apology from a caring person who had nothing to do with the original source of pain, even though that person has nothing for which to apologize.

On the Edge of Answered Prayer

We talk about how incredible it feels to be living on the edge of answered prayer after months (and sometimes years) of patient pleading.

Posted by Greg
January 29, 2019

Don’t Make Me Snap My Fingers!

Rapid House Hunting

We share the excitement of our whirlwind trip to Georgia and our quest to find a new home in record time.  Did we succeed?  Have a listen!

God's Magic Fingers

We talk about God's reactions to Mary's "yes" versus Zechariah's questions and decide we really don't want to doubt what God is doing in our lives right now.

Eldercare Change

We share a fairly significant change in the way we're caring for Jennifer's mother, and what that means for our upcoming move.

Posted by Greg
January 22, 2019