Why Learn Latin?

Just how hard is it to learn Latin? In this full episode of Adventures in Imperfect Living, we talk about the benefits, ways we’re learning, and some of the many struggles.

Plus: Ash Wednesday smudged ashes, reacting to more TLM restrictions from the Vatican, Learning to pray the Rosary in Latin, St. Leo the Great’s Lenten Advice, Remembering another Rosary Army Soldier, and how we’d handle widowhood if the other spouse died.

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EMDR Therapy for Catholics

In Episode 463 of Adventures in Imperfect Living Greg and Jennifer dive into lessons learned and spiritual benefits experienced from praying the Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, and Evening Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours without missing a day for an entire year. Plus they discuss preparing for Total Consecration renewal, and Greg’s experiences as a Catholic going through EMDR therapy for PTSD and trauma. Also, they discuss Greg’s attempt to clean the bathroom which didn’t go as expected.

Watch or Listen to Adventures in Imperfect Living #463 to find out more!

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Don’t Fear the Future

Get ready to fearlessly dive into the future with Rosary Army’s Adventures in Imperfect podcast episode 462! In this episode we continue wrestling with the pros and cons (and possible good and evil) of Artificial Intelligence, saying goodbye to Amazon Smile and preparing for Consecration Renewal. Plus we share Words of Wisdom from a saint you may never have heard of before: St. Fulgentius. Watch or listen for your weekly dose of Imperfect Inspiration on Adventures in Imperfect Living — don’t fear the future!

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Morality of Artificial Intelligence

Explore the morality of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its implications on society in episode 461 of Adventures in Imperfect Living. We also discuss weather-tracking YouTubers, the death of Cardinal Pell, the benefits of suffering, experimenting with AI, the Marvel Cinematic Universe as 80s films, Jordan Peterson’s thoughts on ChatGPT, and building the School of Mary’s community.

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