Lullabies for Lily

Lullabyes for LilyA couple weeks ago our friend Dan Harms from the band Popple was here for a visit.

While he was here we were goofing around, playing some songs on the piano and guitar. Near the end of the night I picked up Dan’s guitar and was amazed at how easy it was to play his compared to the guitar I typically play.

The guitar I play is actually one Jennifer bought long before we even met, but she never uses. So when we got married, it pretty much became my main guitar. It’s a very nice guitar, but after playing Dan’s, I realized I could probably have some work done on it to make it even easier to play and better sounding to boot. So last weekend, I dropped off the guitar at a local music store and ever since picking it up on Monday, I’ve been playing the guitar quite a bit again.

The cool thing is that we’ve also discovered Lily has an instant reaction to the guitar. In fact, just about every time I’ve started playing when she was fussy, she’d stop crying almost immediately.

So last night when she was getting particularly fussy, I went and got the guitar and Jennifer, Lily, and I ended up recording a couple of videos as we serenaded our little girl.

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