ADV #045: Drawing a Line

As soon as we finished recording this episode, Jennifer started crying. In some ways, recording this episode reminded us of a podcast episode we recorded in January 2007 after making a huge, life-changing decision. In that episode we shared with you all the backstory that went into our decision for me (Greg) to leave my career in the IT Industry and go full-time working for the Catholic Church through the Rosary Army and SQPN apostolates. It was a terrifying decision to make, but once we made it and shared it with you, we had a great peace.

For several months now (and possibly longer than that), we’ve been struggling with another decision we knew needed to be made. In this episode, we share that decision with you.

Additionally, we talk about our Sam’s first experience seeing Lindsey Sterling at his very first concert, and Greg shares the three things he believes are necessary for success in any endeavor, whether it be work, faith, or family.

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