Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

Too Old for Tequila?

We recently attended a dinner for couples from our local parish and were surprised when someone at the table bought a round of tequila shots, which brought forth the question of whether we're too old to do shots, and also reminded Greg of a time when he drank a few too many.

Head Over Heels

A recent exploratory trip to go "tubing" down a river ended up with Greg being dunked in the water when nobody was watching.

New Show Schedule!

We announce the new schedule of shows we'll be producing and releasing in the next couple of weeks, with new content coming your way virtually every single day.  Listen to find out more!

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

And in the "what the heck does that mean?" portion of the show, we dig up a sociological term from 2005 that seems more necessary today than ever before.  We demystify what Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is and illustrate how prevalent it is in today's society.

Bonus Content - Homemade Ice Cream and Hitting the Gym

In this week's bonus content for Patreon co-producers and SiriusXM ON DEMAND listeners, we rationalize how homemade ice cream and hitting the gym are not mutually exclusive.

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