Muppet Whatnot Workshop

Hanging out with a Muppet at FAO Schwartz
Hanging out with a Muppet at FAO Schwartz

While in New York over the weekend we had to go to the 5th Avenue Apple store to pick up a replacement power supply for Jennifer’s laptop. Ironically, it was more convenient to get that thing while we were in New York than it would be to get one here in Atlanta.

To our surprise, the legendary FAO Schwartz toy store was right next to the Apple store, so we headed inside just to look around.

Overall, I was very impressed with this place. We didn’t buy anything because most everything could be purchased for cheaper on Amazon, but one thing you could only get at FAO Schwartz was your own personalized Muppet in their Muppet Whatnot Workshop. And for that, I was tempted.

Basically, you get to pick all the parts of what you’d want your Muppet to look like. You choose from three different body types, a bunch of different hair styles, eyes, noses, clothes, and other sundry things, and the FAO Workshop employees will build your Muppet right there on the spot. And they actually look like real Muppets straight from Sesame Street.

In the video you’ll see me playing around with one of the demo ones they had sitting around. I admit, this was somewhat like a childhood dream of mine. I’ve always loved the Muppets, and to actually get to play with one was uber-cool. But I just couldn’t imagine tossing down $130 for a puppet that I’d only play with for about 10 minutes before our kids would appropriate and then eventually destroy it.

But that minute of goofing around in FAO Schwartz was a lot of fun.

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