Next Level

ADV #219: Next Level

Next Level

On this week’s episode of Adventures in Imperfect Living we talk about how our children are absolutely addicted to someone, coming up with creative games with kids at home, how Proverbs made Jennifer blush, Greg’s Holy Week comic strip, our Healing Mass outcomes, and the importance of investing in ourselves and trying to get to the next level.

Also, if you are someone who is just getting starting with an online business, or you have been attempting to monetize your business for quite some time, and if you are not currently, successfully, consistently generating a minimum of $5,000 every single month from your online business efforts, consider joining us in attending Cliff Ravenscraft’s Next Level Workshop with us on April 6-7. If you’re interested, be sure to send Greg an email ASAP!

Greg’s Latest Comic Strip

If you’re interested in checking out Greg’s latest comic strip, they can all be seen here!

Special Note to Co-Producers

Just another quick note to thank all of our co-producers for being such an important part of this podcast.  You inspire us and make it possible for us to keep doing this important work!

Links, books and other resources mentioned on this episode:

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