Catholic podcast veterans Greg and Jennifer Willits (Rosary Army, The Catholics Next Door, Adventures in Imperfect Living) and Mac and Katherine Barron (Catholic in a Small Town, Spoiled) get together each week for a deep dive into topics of Scripture, Tradition, Faith, and Morals as married couples and families striving for lives of holiness and greater understanding of the Catholic Faith.

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Podcasting since 2005 and married 10 years longer than that, Sirius XM hosts Greg and Jennifer Willits are the ORIGINAL Catholic Podcasting Couple. Their Adventures in Imperfect Living Podcast is your funny and thought-provoking weekly dose of Catholicism, Family, and Ridiculousness.  

Latest ShowS:

Catechism Class 022: How is the Son of God Man?
Christ's soul, human knowledge, body and heart help us understand how he is man. We discuss this fact, covering CCC Paragraphs 470-483
Bishop Sheen Today
Archbishop Fulton Sheen expert Al Smith is the editor of several anthologies of Sheen's best works including "The Cries of Jesus from the Cross" and "Lord Teach Us to Pray."
Catechism Class 021: Why Did the Word Become Flesh?
Why did Jesus (the WORD) - and why did Jesus (who is GOD) - become Flesh? Why did God become MAN? Covers: CCC Paragraphs 456-469
The Priests We Need to Save the Church
An amazing conversation with Kevin Wells about his critically needed book, "The Priests We Need to Save the Church."
Catechism Class 020: The Only Son of God
An exploration of what it means to say that Jesus is the only Son of God and why we call Jesus our Lord. Covers: CCC Paragraphs 441-455.
Rachel Balducci and Intentional Christian Community
Rachel Balducci joins us to talk about the importance of intentional Catholic communities. Plus: Summer schedule, Jennifer's newest ailment, when healings "end," family gatherings and graduations.

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Podcasting since 2005 & Married 10 years longer than that. We're the original Catholic podcasting couple.

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