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How My Wife Helped Me Through 20+ Years of Mental Illness

A shockingly candid episode where Greg is joined by his wife, Jennifer, as the look over their 20+ years of marriage and the shadow mental health issues has cast over the years.

Jennifer shares her unique perspective of a newlywed learning about having a spouse suffering from depression, coming to terms with what depression is and isn't, how best to support a loved one suffering from mental health issues, and more.

Posted by Greg
September 9, 2019

Dr. Elizabeth Dybell and Helping Kids Understand Mental Illness

Dr. Elizabeth Dybell is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. For over 20 years, she has worked with parents, children, teachers, and adults, providing psychotherapy and assessments.  Dr. Dybell also lectures widely on topics relating to mental health and education concerns.

On this episode of More Than Mental, Dr. Dybell joins Greg to talk about the difficulty of explaining mental illness to children when one of their parents is suffering.  We also touch upon how to go about getting counseling help for children with their own mental health needs.

Books mentioned on the program:

Dr. Elizabeth Dybell's Website
Why Are You So Scared?: A Child's Book About Parents with PTSD
Why Are You So Sad?: A Child's Book about Parental Depression
Wishing Wellness: A Workbook for Children of Parents with Mental Illness

Posted by Greg
August 27, 2019

Does Meditation Really Help Mental Health?

I’ve never really liked the idea of just plain meditation, in part because I never really understood why I should meditate on nothing, and in another part because whenever I meditated on nothing, I ended up either thinking of more items for my to do list, or I ended up just complaining to God.

That changed earlier this year, though, when I learned an incredibly simplified method of meditation that is not new age-y or overly distractive.

So in this episode I share with you a simple way to find more calm in just 5-10 minutes each day.

But I also want to share with you some of my own tricks for deeper prayer, because studies show that both meditation and prayer provide benefits to your brain.

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Links from this episode:
Article on Meditation and Gray Matter
More Than Mental Big Brain T-Shirt

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August 19, 2019

Beth Schrader and Caring For Your Spouse

Throughout their years of marriage, Beth Schrader’s husband has struggled with depression, anxiety and ADHD.  After hearing us discuss Greg’s mental health issues on our “The Hidden Battle” podcast, Beth started to put the pieces together that her husband’s battles were not just occasional, but every day battles that become smaller but never quite go away.   

Not knowing how best to help her husband, Beth began battling shame and worry that, fortunately, lead to more positive conversations and approaches and mental health within their home.

Beth courageously volunteered to share her story as the spouse of someone suffering from mental health issues and joins Greg to discuss the difficulties of loving someone who is in such pain.

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Posted by Greg
August 12, 2019

Elliott Rodriguez, Exercise, and Your Brain

Elliott Rodriguez is a health and wellness coach, fitness trainer and pro-league paintball competitor.  His goal is to help people reach their fitness goals despite the mental roadblocks people may place in front of their way.

In this episode Elliott joins Greg to talk about the difficulties of getting into a new exercise routine, as well as breaking through other barriers that may prevent people with mental health issues from using one of the most natural methods of feeling better through regular, vigorous exercise.

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Posted by Greg
August 5, 2019