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ADV #212: Our Three Selves

Greg is having fun with his new comic strip creations, Jennifer visits Greg’s Intensive Therapy Group session, the identity triangle and the importance of faith and good works. Become a Co-Producer! Not sure how to listen to, download, or subscribe to a podcast?  Check out this video. Want to leave a message for Greg and […]

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ADV #211: The Intensive Outpatient

Much love and support came to Greg and Jennifer from last week’s news. We celebrated Lily’s 9th birthday. Greg shared some of what he’s learned from his intensive group therapy and we recite the Litany of Trust prayer. Become a Co-Producer! Not sure how to listen to, download, or subscribe to a podcast?  Check out […]

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ADV #208: Puzzling Penance

The Patreon debacle explained, update on upcoming productions, Greg and Jennifer struggle through talking to each other while working from home and Advent with prayers, puzzles and penance. Poor Ben. Become a Co-Producer! Want to talk to Greg and Jennifer? Call our feedback line and leave a message of two minutes or less at 888-299-8686 or send […]

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ADV #206: The Culture Project

Join Greg and Jennifer for a very special and candid discussion with Christina Barba, current Executive Director of The Culture Project and Jason Shanks, the President of OSV Institute, as we jump right into the negative culture affecting today’s youth and how the Culture Project aims to love them back to lives of virtue. Become […]

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Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

While I’d LOVE to take credit for this, I can’t.  Instead, I’ll give credit to all the creative moms out there who can think like this on their own.   With our five kids going to public school, bringing lunch from home is a must.   But it’s never been easy.  What I deem appropriate […]

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