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Communism and Catholicism
Explore the unyielding spirit of Catholics under communist tyranny as we talk with Kristen Van Uden, author of 'When the Sickle Swings.'
Making Sense of Generational Differences
Date weekend discussions about forgiveness and apologies, different generations, and preparing for Lent with Total Consecration.
Persecuted from Within
Explore how saints overcame Church crises with Alec Torres, author of Persecuted from Within: How the Saints Endured Crises in the Church.
We Got Hacked!
A scammer attacked our bank account. How we responded made all the difference. We talk about ways you can learn from our mistakes.
Why we chose Catholicism
One of us is a cradle Catholic. One of us converted. Both had journeys to embrace the faith. But we had to ask WHY should we be Catholic?
Overcoming PTSD and Anxiety with God’s Help
Dr. Gerry Crete joins us to discuss "Litanies of the Heart: Relieving Post-Traumatic Stress and Calming Anxiety through Healing Our Parts."

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