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Scripture in the Early Church
Dr. James Papandrea returns to the show for a deep dive into Reading Scripture Like the Early Church: Seven Insights from the Church Fathers to help you understand the Bible.
Let’s Talk About the Rosary
Fasting for Health vs Penance, Total Consecration Revisited, Benefits of a Daily Rosary, Fr. Jay Finelli and Language, and much more!
Mental Health Hope
We tackle the subject of finding hope with Ryan Moreau, co-founder of the upcoming Hope is Fuel conference dealing with mental health.
Life of Saint Joseph
Dr. Paul Thigpen joins us to discuss the Life of St. Joseph according to the mystics. It’s a fascinating conversation where we talk about how and why to develop a closer relationship with St. Joseph, who in turn will help us grow closer to his Holy Family with Jesus and Mary.
Why Learn Latin?
Ash Wednesday smudged ashes, reacting to more TLM restrictions from the Vatican, Learning to pray the Rosary in Latin, St. Leo the Great's Lenten Advice, Remembering another Rosary Army Soldier, and how we'd handle widowhood if the other spouse died.
Seeking Wisdom
Jennifer’s Prayer Tips, Andrew Huberman’s Morning Routine, Cutting out Sugar, More Movie Suggestions, and Defining the Love of Eternal Wisdom.

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