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Moose Tracts
Feedback on show format, Long haul COVID, gifts for you!, and our buddy Moose returns to the show for more in depth, thought-provoking conversation.
Class 011 – The Almighty
A seemingly insignificant word - Almighty - actually needs an entire episode. Covers: CCC Paragraphs 268-278 (Pages 71-73 in the green 1997 version).
Holy Land Pilgrimage with Select International Tours, Show length, Changing up Patreon, Outlining your Brain Thoughts, Winning at Parenting.
Class 010 – The Trinity
Fr. Timothy Gallagher & Discernment of Spirits in Marriage
Feedback! Including Dawn and her superpower, Daniel's wineglass ideas, Jael and aging identities, Fr. Timothy Gallagher talks Discernment of Spirits in Marriage, plus the Mystery of Creation.
Class 9 – God the Creator
Continuing through the Creed, we spend time understanding God the Father as God the Creator of all. Covers: CCC Paragraphs 198-231 (Pages 54-61 in the green 1997 version).

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