This Baby Is Not Very Fast

photo-238I’m not even sure what to say anymore.

We are totally confused as to what is going on with this baby.

After going through labor for the first four boys, we thought we had a clue, but this baby girl is definitely not speeding her way along. In fact, every time we think something is happening, we end up being wrong.

And now that we are five days past the due date, she has adequately proven that The Flash she is not.

Last night, after a full day of what seemed like non-stop contractions, we finally gave up and went to bed around 11.  I think at that point that we both knew the baby wouldn’t be coming last night, after all.

Yesterday Jennifer was supposed to have an ultrasound and check-up at the doctor.  We arrived to learn the ultrasound technician wasn’t available, so they sent us to the hospital where we’d be charged $150 for the ultrasound, so we left without any update whatsoever.  So we’re just totally and completely clueless as to if there has been any actual physical change since Jennifer was at the doctor’s on Monday morning.

What’s frustrating is that we feel like we keep letting other people down. I know Jennifer, especially, feels that way even though there’s not a single thing we could do to speed things along.

Trust me, if there is “sure-fire way to induce labor,” we’ve tried it. Yes, that one, too. And that one. We did that one, as well.

So here we are Thursday morning and we’ll be back on the air in less than a couple of hours and I’m quite glad for the distraction. While we talk about getting ready for the baby, it’s great taking calls, talking to fun guests, and laughing our way through 3 hours of not worrying about what happens next.

But I still think it would be über-cool for Jennifer to go into labor – REAL LABOR – during the program.

It would be even cooler for the baby to be born on the air.

That would help make up for all the waiting.

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