Marriage Advice

Marriage Advice

Our oldest son, Sam, got married this past weekend in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, just days after a devastating derecho storm swept through the state.  We’ve never seen so much destruction.  Even with the difficulties of impeded travel, limited electricity, and other scarcities, the wedding was beautiful and we have a new daughter-in-law, Rose. 

In this episode, we share our experiences from traveling in Iowa, the wedding rehearsal, giving Rose a present we’ve been holding onto for 17 years.  Plus we share advice for married couples, both newlyweds and long-timers, reveal a new website for, and much more.

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ADV #079: Hey Siri

Using Hey Siri on iPhones, Ten Years of Podcasting, Collaboration, New Catholic Podcasts, Good Things Hair Stories, Getting Your Family to the Dinner Table, Jubilee Year about Forgiveness and Mercy. 888-299-8686 to leave feedback and be a part of the show!

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance


Like the music we use in the show?  It’s all courtesy of Popple.  Awesome band.  Check them out and support them.

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