New York Photo Album

What an outstanding time we had in New York. I’d hoped to post photos throughout our trip, but simply didn’t have any time. We went non-stop ever since we woke up Wednesday morning and we are exhausted!

Major thanks to everyone from The Catholic Channel for such hospitality.

The highlight of the trip? At first I’d say swapping shows with Lino on Wednesday would be the highlight, but then sitting down with all of The Catholic Channel hosts on Thursday along with Edward Cardinal Egan most definitely topped the list. Definitely a very humbling moment in our lives right then, and such a tremendous, tremendous honor to be included among such company.

But one thing, overall, that I’m most grateful for is the chance to spend so much time in person with our crew. Adam (our producer) and Jackie (our board operator) are the best.  Adam took us out for burgers and milkshakes Wednesday night, Jackie treated us to Italian on Thursday, Adam and Jared (Lino Rulli’s producer) took us out for pizza after the show on Friday.  On top of all that, Adam brought in the most amazing donuts in the world not just once, but twice.  Truly incredible baked delights.

So now here are all the photos I took with my phone while in NY. Jennifer has more we’ll post later on.

On the plane leaving Atlanta with my mom in tow to help watch Lily while we were on the air:


Here’s us in the taxi on Wednesday, heading into the city.

Another cool thing was getting to spend some time joking around with Gus Lloyd. I don’t think I’ll ever again hear the theme to The Courtship of Eddie’s Father without thinking of Gus. Here’s Gus in the NY studio on Thursday morning.  This was the first time we ever saw each other in person:

Another one of Gus:

Jennifer and I during the broadcast on Thursday:

Things are going well.  Thumbs up!

Thumbs up from Adam and Jackie, too:

Jennifer during Thursday’s show:

Adam’s girlfriend, Brittany, brought in the first batch of donuts.  Seriously, the most amazing donuts ever:

Jackie being goofy during Thursday’s show:

The view from my mic in The Catholic Channel studio:

We stopped by the Channel on Thursday evening to be on Busted Halo with Fr. Dave Dwyer.  Robyn, his producer, was too awesome and took Lily for a tour around Sirius/XM while we were on the air with Fr. Dave:

On Fridays, like most other days, Adam doesn’t work during our show (joke! well, sort of):

The microphone.  I now want a boom-arm for our microphone.  I really, really, really, really (hey Rob, are you reading this?) really, really would love to have a boom arm to use in the studio instead of our regular headset.   Just saying.  I loved using this:

Jackie explaining to Adam how he was driving her insane:

The cast and crew.  Jennifer and Greg in the back, Jackie and Adam in the front.

In the taxi, heading out of New York through Times Square.  This is Friday afternoon right when the storms were causing havoc.

After several hours at LaGuardia, we learned our flight was canceled until Saturday morning, so we ended up staying at a different hotel near the airport and went and got something to eat.  My mom ordered the largest glass of wine ever served to a woman from North Dakota:

Saturday morning in the new hotel, checking email and hanging with the baby girl:

At the gate, waiting to board, Jennifer talking to her mom.

And now we’re home, exhausted, with an overgrown yard calling my name.

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