Sam’s Paper Droid Factory

photo-257Our son Sam can make just about anything out of paper and tape.

This week he has been making full-scale (or at least Sam-scale) versions of droids from Star Wars. It started with just the head of a droid, and then he started making the body parts.

He’s used a lot of paper and tape this week.

Then he surprised us today by using a digital camera to make his own sound-seeing tour of the “droid factory” he put in his closet, which is currently comprised of two Star Wars droids he made yesterday entirely out of paper and tape. I didn’t even know he knew how to make a digital movie using the camera.

So I put the video on YouTube and now you can check it out yourself. Check out the movie here to see Sam’s Paper Droid Factory.

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The Year of Bad Lungs

Last month Ben had walking pneumonia. Now, for the last 10 days, Sam has had a really bad cough.

Jennifer brought him to the doctor on Thursday and he missed two days of school last week.

After completing a round of antibiotics, his cough is just as bad. Last night he coughed for almost two hours before falling asleep, and it was bad enough he had to miss Mass. Not sure if he’s ever had to miss Mass since he was a toddler.

So now we’re back at the doctor and she says his lungs sound worse.

Right now he’s getting a breathing treatment and then we’re heading to the hospital for a chest X-ray. After that, we’ll need prescriptions for an inhaler and another antibiotic because he now also has an ear infection.

So he’s all messed up.

Maybe this is why the baby girl hasn’t arrived yet. We need a completely healthy house for her to come home to.

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Illegal Gun Sales

This is one of those instances where, as parents, we don’t know whether to be proud or horrified.

As many people know, Sam has an uncanny ability to make various things out of paper and tape.

His specialty is weaponry.

We don’t know why that is, exactly, but if he sees a weapon in a book, movie, or elsewhere, he has to make his own version out of paper and tape, and then he protects the creations mercilessly.

So it was to our surprise when Sam came downstairs this morning, laid out a selection of his creations on the kitchen table, put pricetags on them, and then proceeded to sell them to his brothers, who were more than willing to toss all of their money at him.

He took them for over three dollars.

Walt then followed example and opened up his own pawn shop, selling all of the random junk he no longer wanted.

Should we be bothered that the older boys are selling stuff to their brothers, or proud of their entrepreneurship and initiative?

Click through to see more pictures of Sam’s Pawn Shop.

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