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ADV #217: Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment and this episode’s Imperfect Living Highlights

In this episode we dive into Dual Enrollment for the eternal life, how Jennifer has more Instagram followers than Greg, how to overcome fear, and the benefits of trying to fit into the cookie cutter mold of the School of Mary.

How to Get More Instagram Followers

Apparently Jennifer has figured out the solution of how to get more instagram followers because, despite only publishing 10 pictures in the last year, she has more followers than Greg.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment in the afterlife is impossible.  You either choose heaven or you choose hell.  It’s impossible to have a foot in both.  And yet, we constantly strive for exactly that type of life here on earth.  We often want our heavenly reward while also living fully submersed in the niceties of this material world.  We dive into how to take steps to not only choosing the correct path, but how to stay there, and overcoming fear along the way.

The School of Mary

The phrase, The School of Mary, is seldom used these days.  Nevertheless, as St. Louis Marie de Montfort points out in Preparation for Total Consecration, Mary provides the absolutely perfect solution and model of being a disciple.  We break down the 10 virtues Mary has, and how she wants to teach us how to live more virtuous lives, as well.

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