ADV #252: Stay The Course

Legal Drinking Age

We start the show celebrating our son Sam's 21st birthday (Happy Birthday, Sammy!) with Greg challenging Jennifer with Sam related trivia.

Family Updates

Next we discuss our upcoming monthly video meetup on November 18 for our $5 and above Patreon Co-Producers, and Walter's unexpected encounter with community this weekend.  Plus an update on selling our house.

Stay the Course

Lastly, we bare our souls (again) with how difficult it can be to discern the will of God and follow it, even if it means not doing anything at all.  

Posted by Greg
November 13, 2018

ADV #251: Greg’s New Blankie

Fighting Leaves

We're convinced there are more leaves this year, and a battle of the trees has commenced.

Of Sun Lamps and CapeAble Blankets

As the weather changes, we share some of the tools that are helping Greg fight the grey weather "blahs" including:

Rosary Army/New Evangelizers Giving Campaign Update

We're so incredibly appreciative of the almost 50 people who have already signed up to help during our first giving campaign in over FIVE YEARS.

Make a tax deductible donation right now by clicking this link!

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November 7, 2018

ADV #250: 15 Years of Rosary Army

Theme Songs and Other Such Stuff

We start the show with Greg's disappointment for not creating a proper new exciting intro in celebration of our 250th episode of Adventures in Imperfect Living.  But then again, if you combine all of our past productions, it's really like our 611th, so what's the big deal?  

We also discussed the importance of a good blurb for a podcast, which lead to Greg mentioning the book Screenwriting Tricks for Authors (or, Stealing Hollywood: Story Structure Secrets for Writing Your BEST Book) by Alexandra Sokoloff (affiliate link).

Value of Truth and Freedom of the Press

After watching Steven Spielberg's The Post, we talked about Greg's past experience as a journalist, and the frustration of having to look at multiple media sources and making decisions based on "feelings" more than objective truth.  This same principle applies to both conversations about politics and news as well as recent topics from within the Catholic Church and how they're reported on by the often biased Catholic media.

15 Years of Rosary Army

Lastly, we look once again at the power of the Rosary. In light of the parable of the Mustard Seed, we are amazed that the Rosary Army 501(c)3 non-profit apostolate has already been in existence for over 15 years.  

After much prayer and discernment, and given that it has now been over 5 years since our last giving campaign for the organization, we announce an ambitious giving campaign to launch on All Saint's Day, November 1, 2018.

Given the many initiatives and opportunities faced by Rosary Army, we need to raise $100,000 by the end of the year to continue operations and make these initiatives a reality. We would very much appreciate your assistance.  Please prayerfully consider making a tax deductible donation right now at

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October 30, 2018

ADV #249: Swamp Boy

Swamp Boy

Walter calls in to share details of an adventure with Greg's brother deep in the heart of South Carolina.  Lots of fun with this conversation.

Depression or Dementia?

We also give a detailed update on the tribulations of trying to care for an elderly parent.  In the case of Jennifer's mom, we've gotten additional diagnoses that have brought up additional questions about how to best take care of her while still taking care of our family.

Lastly, be sure not to miss out on over $200 in savings! We're closing down our audio store and until October 28, 2018, you can get nearly 18 hours of amazing content for just $39!

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October 23, 2018

ADV #248: Mid-Life Opportunity

Try, Try (and Try) Again

After two major hiccups (one technical and one mental), we managed to produce a surprisingly lively podcast (albeit a day late).

Merciful Patience 

Taking requests from our Facebook page, we talk about how to develop patience in light of the Spiritual Works of Mercy, and how having a purpose for patience makes patience more possible.

Midlife (*cough*Crisis*cough*) Opportunities

Lastly, we dive even more deeply into the troublesome nature of 2018 and explore the potential opportunities of midlife, and finding greater purpose for the second half of life.

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October 17, 2018

ADV #247: Cat Not Included

Why We're Moving

Though our house isn't selling as fast as we'd like, we talk about why this move is important to our family, and how difficult its been to be untethered for so many years.

Rosary Army Renewal

Jennifer shares about the flurry of recent activity around our Rosary Army non-profit, which includes inventory of thousands of Rosaries, leading a workshop, and inducting one of our kids as an official Rosary Army soldier.

Return to Pacem In Terris

Greg returned to Pacem in Terris and shares how three days of silence, combined with finishing the book, "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks, is leading him down a new pathway of discovery into his zone of genius.

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October 9, 2018

ADV #246: Spatula City!

Walter Update

Last week our son, Walter, was on the show one last time before moving out and heading south. We give an update on his whereabouts and doings.

Jennifer Willits: Shirt Thief

We finally had a chance for a romantic date night and Jennifer literally tried to take the shirt off the waiter's back.

Work Life Balance

Next, we talk about the delicate balance of work and life, and knowing when to take a break.  Which leads to Jennifer kicking Greg out of the house for a few days.

All About October

That's what this week's pointless game is about.

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October 1, 2018

ADV #245: Adios, Walter

In this week's episode:

Mac Barron Wrote a Book

Our good friend Mac Barron wrote a brand spanking new book called, "Clueless in Galilee," and it's now available for pre-order on Amazon.  Go get it!

Replacing Time, Talent, and Treasure

After recent discussions on the show about fasting and almsgiving being the two wings of prayer, we share a bit of an epiphany of how and why parishes should do away with the annual stewardship clarion call of Time, Talent, and Treasure and replace it with something more useful, practical, and real.

Walter Moves Out

Our 18-year-old Walter joins us one last time from our home in Indiana before he moves out tomorrow to go back to Georgia.  We'll miss him tremendously and share one of our last conversations with him with you.

1980's Movie Theme Song Game

And lastly, we wrap up the show playing another game where Walter and Jennifer go head to head to guess the name of the theme song that goes with various 1980 popular (and not so popular) movies.

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September 25, 2018

ADV #244: A Weird Place

The Significance of 244

We start off this week's show talking about the significance of 244 episodes and how the last time we met this milestone, it was the end of an important era for us.

The Sandwich Generation

We then talk about the weirdness of being sandwiched between raising our own children, and having to care for an elderly parent who (in some ways) makes us feel like we're raising a toddler again.  Albeit, one who is much, much older than us.

Time for Fun

Lastly, in celebration of our 23rd Wedding Anniversary, and in light of our recent revelations about needing more fun in our lives, Greg surprises Jennifer with a game to test her own knowledge of trivia about things that have actually happened to US.

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September 18, 2018

ADV #243: Better Than Donuts

Better Than Donuts

We start this week's show discussing the mysterious way that grace builds upon grace, allowing us to more actively participate in deeper spiritual activities such as fasting, daily Mass, and praying the Rosary.  It's not of our own accord that people have done this through generations, but by acting in cooperation with the promptings and strength of the Holy Spirit.

Mental Check In

After several weeks on a new supplement regimen, Greg shares not only the state of his health after this year's battles, but also more insight to the benefit of confronting those who have directly hurt us, and the need to constantly strive to forgive.

House Maneuvers

And lastly, we talk about the latest updates with our plans to relocate back to Georgia.  It's amazing how much can happen in a single week!

Posted by Greg
September 11, 2018

ADV #242: There And Back Again

Colds, Colds, Colds

Immediately after recording last week's show, Greg and Jennifer were taken down by nasty late-summer colds (courtesy of our children going back to school).

The Two Wings of Prayer

We then discuss what to do when your prayers don't seem to be leading where you expect, and how to give extra THRUST to your prayers.

More Big Changes For Us

Lastly, we share Walter's big decision to move out and move south, which has propelled us to take enormous risk and do something we've been silently praying about for months.  Yes, that's right.  We're moving again.

Posted by Greg
September 5, 2018

ADV #241: Viganò vs. The Vatican

Greg's Podcasting Project

We start off this week's show sharing the incredibly positive response Greg has gotten so far as he begins work on a new huge podcasting project.  The more work he does, the more excited we get about this project.

Spiritual Direction with Greg or Jennifer

For the last couple weeks we've been praying and discerning the possibility of offering 1-on-1 video-based Spiritual Direction and life coaching.  If interested, add your name and email here to be added to the waiting list:

Archbishop Viganò vs. The Vatican

Lastly, we discuss the earthquake-like testimony made public over the weekend by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò with implications that have rattled the Catholic Church right up to Pope Francis.

Additionally, if you've not yet read the full document (or want to read it again), we have recorded and made available a complete and unabridged audio narration of Viganò's testimony.

Posted by Greg
August 28, 2018

Podcast Extra: The Viganò Testimony Complete & Unabridged

This is a complete and unabridged audio recording of the Testimony written by His Excellency Carlo Maria Viganò, Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana, Apostolic Nuncio.  

Click here for the full text of Archbishop Viganò's testimony.  

Permission is granted to download and make copies of this audio to freely share with others.  For radio, podcast, television, or other broadcast permissions, please contact us directly.

Posted by Greg
August 28, 2018