Waiting To Bring Lily Home

Lily has been poked, prodded, and tested all morning and now we’re just waiting for the final paperwork to be processed so we can check out of the hospital and head home.

When we get home and have better Internet access, I’ll upload some more photos and maybe I’ll even open up a uStream window for a few minutes so you can see Lily live. Stay tuned.

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Due Date is Here. Now Where’s the Baby?

So we started the day with Jennifer having some hard contractions between 5 and 6 AM.

After that, not much else.

Per a listener’s recommendation, we had fresh pineapple for breakfast. That didn’t work to bring on contractions.

Around noon a friend came over to watch the boys so we could go power walking around the mall. That didn’t work either.

Jennifer and I decided to take advantage of being out by ourselves, and her mother had taken over watching the boys, so we went and saw Marley and Me. Good movie. But that didn’t work, either.

Now we’re going to Mass, just in case the baby comes tonight or tomorrow.

But at the rate we’re going, maybe a birth on the radio Monday is not out of the question.

Stay tuned…

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12 Days Until Due Date: Girl Clothes

I’m starting to think that it really shouldn’t be as difficult for us to accept the fact we’re about to have daughter as it has been.

I mean, really. It’s just a girl.

And we’ve known about the sex of the baby for months now.

We should be used to the idea by now!

But after 11 years of parenting only boys, we’re still completely perplexed by the smallest things.

Case in point, this morning we ran our very first load of pink laundry. EVER.

Looking at the labels I saw warnings like “Wash with LIKE COLORS ONLY.”

The realization burst into my brain that we are entering territory where the possibility exists of ruining all of our white clothes by turning them pink.

Even after the clothes were in the washer and swishing around, I just sort of stared at them like I was looking at something alien. What were these pink clothes doing in the washing machine?

Later in the day, while we were doing our broadcast, I took a picture of Jennifer on her side of the studio desk and realized she never wears pink.

Until I got her a pink t-shirt, I can’t recall her ever having any other pink clothes.

So why do we assume this baby girl should only wear predominantly pink clothes?

Will this only be the case when she’s an infant, or will she quickly graduate to purples and blues like her mom wears?

In the meantime, I guess we’ll just continue to acclimate ourselves to the color pink.

Maybe it’ll make more sense once she arrives and we can look at her and say, “Ooooooooohhhh! THAT’S why she needs to wear pink.”

I’ve been hoping for a lot of epiphanies like that lately.

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