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You’ll Be Paying For More Human Destruction on Monday

stemcellx The AP is reporting that President Barack Obama plans to lift restrictions Monday on taxpayer-funded research using embryonic stem cells.  You can read the incredibly biased report here.

And here’s another incredibly biased report, but one that also points out a lot of stuff the mainstream media in their glee isn’t telling you.

For example, from the article: “Expecting the executive order, National Institutes of Health officials indicated last month that they had already started working on the paperwork necessary to begin funneling public funds to projects involving the use of embryonic stem cells.

Story Landis, who heads NIH’s stem cell task force, says the paperwork is almost ready to go once Obama signs the executive order.

He added that some of the $10 billion the NIH is getting from the economic stimulus bill could be used to fund embryonic stem cell research.”

$10,000,000,000?  TEN BILLION?

In the meantime, if you’re pregnant and want to make a real difference in someone’s life, please consider donating your baby’s umbilical cord blood.  FOR FREE.  Visit here to find out how.

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Posted by Greg
March 7, 2009

Follow Us on Twitter

twitterificDo you use Twitter?  We’ve been posting updates on Twitter for over two years now, but there suddenly seems to be a surge in popularity again, particularly among Catholics.

Here’s how you can “follow” us on Twitter:

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Here are a couple of websites where you can find lists of Catholics using Twitter:

Father Roderick’s list of Catholics on Twitter
The New website

Posted by Greg
March 4, 2009

Understanding Moby

mobyI decided to buy the Moby Wrap to help me carry the baby around without using my arms so much.  You should check out this thing on their website:  It’s an incredibly LONG piece of fabric that you wrap around your body.  I’m still trying to figure it out and perfect my skills with it.  It’s definitely taking some getting used to.  But the demonstration video on their website made it look so easy, I had to try it myself.  Here’s a picture of me with Lily all mobied up.  And of course, our youngest son had to pose for the occasion.

Strep x 2

This is getting ridiculous.

I finished today’s show, came downstairs, and Jennifer said both Ben and Tom had a fever.

We gave them Tylenol and called the doctor to beg and see them.

No ear infections. No sinus problems.

Then came the big swabs (Ben now cries when he gets tested) and I was very surprised that they both came back with positive strep results.

Oh joy.

And now the doctor is thinking Ben and Tom might need their tonsils removed. We have no idea how we’ll manage that one.

Posted by Greg
March 2, 2009