Comic: Get in the Van!

Every time I draw one of these strips, inevitably someone tries to explain to me how something wasn’t true to life. For example, (the real) Jennifer just looked at this and said, “Ben and Tommy would never wear ties.”

Earlier, Walt looked at the second panel and said, “I’ve never had a shirt like that.”

I’m sure someone else will point out that our oldest son, Sam, moved out of the house last year and now lives on the other side of the country, and we have no plans for him to be home for Easter.
Alas, I still think this is funny.

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Comic: FaceTime

FaceTime with Grandparents

On weekends my daughter regularly asks if we can FaceTime her grandparents.  Then, after about two minutes of talking, she hands the device back to me.

I could have probably drawn 100 frames for this comic based on things my parents have pointed their phones at while I tried to have a video conversation with them.

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Unexpected Forgiveness

Comic: Unexpected Forgiveness

Unexpected Forgiveness.  Unexpected Grace.

I had a funny strip all finished up and ready to deliver today.  Inspired by a recent event of unexpected forgiveness, however, I spent my Sunday (yesterday) putting this one together.

I did, in fact, hear from a long ago colleague recently.  And while I didn’t break down crying as my cartoon version does in this strip, the sentiment remains the same.

I’ve found myself in recent days pondering once again about the absolute destructiveness of unforgiveness.  It often lies hidden even from ourselves. And while there may be people who I need to reach out to, I’ve actually found the person I most frequently need to forgive is myself.

Either way, I hope this strip blesses you.  And maybe it will also help you — if needed – to forgive someone else, or seek someone’s forgiveness. And by doing so, I hope you experience great peace this week.

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Comic: Co-Conspirators

Our cat, Marty, has dubbed me his official sleeping space.  If we’re all in a room together and I’m sitting with my legs up, he’s gonna get nestled in and nobody’s stopping him.  I’ll admit I’ve used his cuteness to my benefit on more than one occasion.

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Imperfect Living Comic Gym Rat

Comic: Gym Rat

Exercise programs are a continual work in progress for me that happen in very intense bursts.  Once I get going I’m usually pretty good about keeping it up, but all it takes is an extended holiday and I’ll allow myself to get knocked off course.  And then, when I start back, I’m always frustrated about how long it takes for significant results.

I’m sure this is just me, though.

P.S. Patrons – Keep an eye out later today for your exclusive FREE time lapse video of the creation of this strip!

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Comic: Falling Into Sin. Literally.

I try to go to Confession regularly.  The key word here is “try.”  I went last Saturday and told the priest it had been three or four weeks since my last confession.  After walking out, I discovered it had been closer to six weeks.  This was a minor thing, but it immediately made me feel like I needed to walk back into the church, get back in line, and just clear up that one little thing.  And while I was there I could probably confess scrupulosity, as well.

P.S. Patrons – Keep an eye out later today for your exclusive FREE time lapse video of the creation of this strip!

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Comic: Designated Chopper

I am apparently our home’s designated chopper.  When something needs chopped, somehow I’m always standing around doing nothing, and thus I am handed a knife and cutting board.  We’ve gone into our freezer and found leftover onions I chopped months (years?) before.

Interestingly, when I showed this particular strip to my therapist, she found this fascinating and suggested I was trying to express something much deeper.  Perhaps this is a metaphor for the way I tend to exert more energy in tasks than necessary.  I attach myself to situations more closely than I should, leaving me with little energy and sometimes overwhelming emotions.

Personally, I think this strip is just about the fact that I’m the one who always ends up cutting the onions.

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Comic: Rude Awakening

This *never* happens in our house.  *Ahem*

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Imperfect Living Comic

Comic: Coffee Clatch

Thanks to inspiration from Mac and Katherine Barron, we recently started roasting our own coffee beans and they are AWESOME.  A lot of work every few days, but I think this strip lets you know our opinion of the process.


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Imperfect Living - Creative Therapy

Comic: Creative Therapy

So yeah, I’ve been in pretty intensive therapy lately.  And my therapist doesn’t look like this dude at all.  But Jennifer suggested I somehow work what I’m going through into a comic strip, and of course I couldn’t take that request entirely serious.  So this is what you get.  Happy Friday!


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Imperfect Living

Comic: Insomnia

As promised for answering my poll from the other day, here’s a re-worked, re-drawn, and newly colored strip based on a comic I did a couple years ago with pen and paper. No doubt, we’ve all experienced our own late night thoughts like this from time to time.

Thanks for being patrons of Imperfect Living!

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